About Us

Hello Everyone, Unlock D-Vice will guide you to unlock your mobile phone when you have forgotten the pattern or Password of your Mobile Phone. Unlock D-Vice.com was started in the Year 2020, with the aim to guide users to unlock their mobile phone when they forget its Pattern or Password lock.

The Information provided on this website is only for educational purposes and not for any other purpose.


How We Will Help You?

  • We will help you to Unlock your device when you forget the Pattern & Password.
  • We will help you to hard reset your device.
  • We will help you to Soft Reset your device.


How to Contact Us?

To get in touch with us, just mail us at contact@unlockdvice.com we will try to reply to all your queries as soon as possible.

We are very sorry if we respond to your queries very late.


About Author

The Author of Unlockdvice.com is R.Sharma, he is a professional Blogger and Front End Web Developer, he started blogging in 2017, but could not grow his blog to a successful level,

He loves to write about technology and its accessories.

Thank You.